Last weekend, Transparent CDN had the pleasure to participate in one of the biggest events for the media, entertainment and technology industry, the IBC Show 2018.

During 3 days in sunny Amsterdam, we had the opportunity to get together and walk next to more than 57,000 visitors, along with people from 170 countries, in this extraordinary location (RAI) and learn about the new tendencies in the industries mentioned above.

Although 3 days are not enough to visit each of the 1,700 exhibitors that this amazing fair has, we did seize the occasion to dredge Hall 14, the hall of “Content everywhere”. In this hall, we were able to visit the congregation of our industry and discuss the future of the CDN with our competitors and check out some broadcasters, OTT platforms integrators, and some other acquaintance.

Walking around this area we run into Warpache team, a  MultiCDN that provides CDN users a complete overview and comparison of the CDN Market. In their webpage, you can compare Transparent CDN with any of the more than 50 CDNs. We invite you to check here how good Transparent CDN is positioned on this ranking and in comparison to other CDNs out there.

We met people from all over the world, but we can recall colleagues from Portugal, Israel, Russia, Latvia and an ecosystem of Spanish companies, that it is better not to mention names because it is probably that we’ll miss someone…

Transparent CDN made the most of the networking events, as the IBC Show it’s not only about the exhibition itself but the affix during the multiple events around it, the “Afterworks” that created spaces to share and bond with participants and assistants.

As well during these spaces of networking, Transparent CDN met Varnish Software team, as we are cooking something up!!! We have great things coming, and we will reveal them soon,  and this event was the opportunity to tie in, even more, our growing relationship with this important actor.

Now we are back in our offices in Madrid, thinner but with stronger legs and arms and ready to keep cultivating this growing alliances. Hope to see you all and more next year in Amsterdam, zie je later!

Hanging out with @varnishsoftware team during #IBC and we are cooking something up!! Wanna know about it? Soon my friends, soon!