We have great news for all of our readers out there!  We are thrilled to announce that Transparent CDN has signed an agreement with Varnish, becoming a member of their program partner, within their Varnish Enterprise platform.


In honor of this partnership, we would like to explain all of you what Varnish Enterprise is, and how this partnership agreement will provide Transparent CDN with more tools and features, to become the best cache solution for your web page.


As a Varnish Enterprise partner, Transparent CDN will have a solution that will cache your web page content by visiting your server only once, in order to deliver the content to the end user faster and reducing load times, controlling to whom, where and when is that content delivered (to your end user)


With Varnish Enterprise, Transparent CDN will ensure uptime for business-critical shops and maximizing performance by aiming to eliminate cache misses even more. As well, we will be able to handle multi-terabyte datasets, invalidate your web content in real-time based on arbitrary relationships set by your business and apply up to 250x improvements in transactions per second, and more on.


This partnership will boost the power of Transparent CDN and will give our customers the above benefits that will help to optimize the performance of your site and achieve your business objectives.


Be faster my friend 🙂