Speed, Performance, and Security

In Transparent CDN we offer the most important areas of internet access: Speed, Performance and Security. Our premium solutions allows an increasement of speed and performance of sites, saving a considerable amount of bandwidth of our customer’s server and improving the organic positioning (SEO).

At the same time, we prevent and act as a shield against security attacks. We improve the user experience and avoid the loss of conversions, which translates into cost savings for you and better service for your customers.

Why Transparent CDN is the perfect fit for you?

SpeedWe decrease the loading times of web pages, therefore, it increases the speed and improves the user experience, inviting to browse our websites.
LatencyWe have a great geographic distribution capacity with points of presence in different parts of the globe. And thanks to this distribution, latencies are eliminated.
AvailabilityAs a distributed system, it improves the availability of our sites, preventing falls from web portals due to programmed interventions, technical problems or coordinated attacks, mitigating and even avoiding denial of service attacks.
SecurityThe received traffic goes through our systems beforehand, allowing it to be treated. With this, we manage to filter those malicious requests.
ScalabilityIt is not necessary to climb before peaks of traffic since we are the ones who absorb those peaks of traffic, offering at all times the information to the end user, maintaining the quality levels intended without having to make any stop of service.
Saving costsYou will no longer have to worry about maintaining a budget destined for the “overflow” of the platform. We will be the ones in charge of making the necessary investments to offer the best service to your clients. In addition, you will have a premium CDN at an affordable price.
SupportWe are one more member of your systems team. We provide support for all our clients in Spanish and English, even in 24 × 7 mode, offering a complete coverage that helps solve any type of incident or situation that you would like to face (migration, provision, technical implementation, etc.)
Positioning: WPOIf with all the above you still do not see any benefit, here goes another one: Google and most of the search engines use the loading time of the pages in their equations to determine the ranking of the web pages and their positioning

Now you can set up your CDN online. Optimize your website in a couple of clicks!

Get the most of your website with our solutions

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We optimize fantastic sites, making them more efficient.

The best cover letter we can give is our customer’s portfolio. We have developed a wide relationship with our customers, among which are large media, technological and sports portals or e-commerce, as other sectors. We provide a highly qualified support team, with maximum hourly coverage and proximity to our customers.