All clients are different, with different needs and an individual approach to the market. For this reason, we develop our platform based on each requirement, to offer a range of possibilities that help them improve their business, while at the same time they help us grow as a company.

El confidencial

El Confidencial

One of the most relevant newspapers on the national scene hired our Web Optimization service, living with other already implemented CDN services, demonstrating how TransparentCDN easily adapts to other providers, thinking about the benefit of the client above any other interest.


TransparentCDN works for the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation offering its VoD and AoD services (video and audio on demand). TVE also counts on us relying on our SSL navigation service.

El Español

El Español

One of the most relevant newspapers on the national scene counts on our Web Optimization service, co existing with other CDN services already implemented, demonstrating how TransparentCDN can easily adapt to other providers, considering the client benefit as the main objective.


The ecommerce specialized in the sale of children’s products, needs a good support and a better management of their page, because all their business depends on the website. Web Optimization has been the best solution for them, making the web speed loading much faster and more reliable.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

The international fashion brand counts with the services of TCDN knowing that one of its strengths is the online sales, and therefore has to offer a service premium, at the same level of the brand. Our Web Optimization service allows their web to load fast and thus be able to give the best service.


Private banking tries always to offer the best service possible. Therefore, when attending their employees, TransparentCDN offers them their VoD services, for internal training courses provided in their offices.


The insurer and TransparentCDN understand that the service to their clients is as important for the business development of the company as for the benefit of this. That is why they count on our Web Optimization Service for their main clients.


Creation of campaigns, development of apps, the digital agency knows that it is important to have the latest technologies so that customers have the best possible result. That’s why they have our VoD service, and Web Optimization.


The company, specialized in the commercialization of digital advertising, aims to offer the best possible service. That is why they went with our Web Optimization and Transcoding Service, which allows their service to be offered quickly and efficiently.