Consumption in today’s world goes on a fast track. Consumers want everything right on their hands, and that’s why e-commerce or m-commerce needs to deliver their content at their top game.

Picture this: It is Black Friday, you have your best products out there on your site, in order to be sold as soon as the day starts.  You have invested tons of €uros in your marketing campaign for this day, and of course, you have under control your stocks. Thousands and thousands of customers go and visit your site (oh, it is going to be a great day!!) and since you forgot about the functions of a CDN, your customers cannot access fully your site and it takes forever to load the content of your products. Next scene, customers leave your site and go to your competitors to find what they were looking for originally at your place.

Take in mind that according to the BBC, for any additional second that a site takes to load, 10% of users are lost; or even if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 53% of visits to mobile sites are abandoned according to Google. Imagine these statistics affecting your performance and results in a huge campaign. Is it affordable to invest in marketing and stock if you don’t have the infrastructure and support system to keep your site ongoing?

Your ideal Black Friday strategy in marketing and promotion lead to an action you were not fully prepared: traffic, web traffic for instance. This can be fantastic for your brand and products as more and more people go and visit your website, but this is not as good as it seems to your servers, as they are receiving thousands of request that cannot be supported leading to show a slow page or even worst, not showing anything at all. And then all your efforts on marketing and promotion do not count as people are not able to go through your page at their speed.

So why do an e-commerce needs a CDN such as Transparent CDN? Simply, it can be your best ally in running your business.

Transparent CDN can provide your commerce with the infrastructure needed to support all the traffic you need to succeed, with more than 20 PoPs around the globe that will ensure that your content is delivered no matter where your customers are, at the same speed for all taking the server nearest to their location. No matter the CMS of your preference,  if you are using Magento, Prestashop, WordPress, etc, Transparent CDN can handle all the traffic your site receives, during Black Friday or just tomorrow morning.

Also, Transparent CDN caches all the static content of your sites such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, and videos and place this on the different servers around the world, showing all this content available to the final user, even when there is a traffic jam right there, on your own website.

Response time will see the effect of a CDN, as it will improve considerably. But as well, Transparent CDN not only can provide your commerce servers around the world but also keeps your site secure. With the security, Transparent CDN will help to avoid any attack out there, securing your site, your content and all the transactions made.

SEO will have also a positive impact, by improving the site speed and the experience your customer will have by surfing your site. And if you want to know more about the impact of Transparent CDN on your SEO, check this article out “ Una CDN para marketinianos

A faster e-commerce site is definitely a pleasure to your customers which will see your website as a great shopping experience. Do not hesitate and start thinking about a CDN like Transparent CDN.

Be faster my friend 🙂